Al Hamly Group of Establishments was founded by a sole person by the name of Mr. Saeed Ahmed Khalifa Al Hamly. His successful entrance to the business world made him one of the known businessman in the country today. He has taken keen interest in development and customer satisfaction.

The company has progressed massively under him and is recognized as one of the most well-known and reputed company in the emirates. It has ventured into different fields and provides a wide range of services to individuals as well as other organizations.

Our Mission

The organization has been established so as to provide quality service to all its honorable customers. Consumer satisfaction and superior quality service is the ultimate goal of the organization. Mr. Hamly and other members of the organization combine their efforts towards attainment and achievement of this mission.

Company Profile

The organization has been famous for its services, be it in the field of Real Estate, General Trading etc. Al Hamly Group has been successful in portraying itself as an organization that has been established for the people, keeping business earnings as secondary preference.

As an organization, Al Hamly Group has been lucky enough in recruiting the finest professionals for its various fields of excellence. All the employees of the organization work in unity and for each other rather than of themselves. that definitely answers all questions regarding the success of the organization.